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Stingray City
Certainly one of Cayman's greatest attractions is the Stingray City Sand Bar where people can interact with the creatures as pets.
#1 TripAdvisor Activity
TripAdvisor Popularity Index: #1 Tour in George Town, Cayman Islands! With lots of 5 star reviews!
Book Online
You can now book your reservation online, simply look underneath every boat and you will see the reservation calendar.
Cayman is one of the top 5 greatest diving destiniatinons of the world, weather you are a seasoned diver or a newbie you can...
Starfish Point & Coral Gardens
A perfect shallow beach for kids and adults, snorkel around to pick up your own starfish and get some great family pictures...
Our Dock Location
Our boats dock at Camana Bay. Situated on the heart of Seven Mile Beach East side, Camana Bay is a place to live, work and play...
the ultimate in water sports adventure on Grand Cayman providing everyone with the experience of flying the world’s first recreational Jetpack.
The Seabob
Ever wondered what it feels like to power through the water like a dolphin? The SeaBob is like a cross between a jet-ski and a bodyboard
Jet Ski
The personal watercraft, also known as Sea doo, skidoo & Waverunner are a thrill seekers dream. Take it along your trip!


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6 Great Reasons to go private:

Why Choose us?

We are a Caymanian owned company striving to offer something different to locals and tourists alike. For the past 30 years the founder of this company has enjoyed the unparalleled beauty of the Cayman Islands & surrounding waters. Water skiing, diving, Rum Point...

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